thin n crispy mini pizza bases

With only 1.5g of fat per serve, our mini pizza bases are perfect as a light snack, or a quick and easy dinner meal when a few friends are over. Bake it in the oven, heat in the sandwich press or stone bake for only a few minutes. Perfect!

thin n crispy pizza bases

Our thin pizza bases have been described by many as the best they’ve ever had. And with only 1.3g of fat and 565mg of sodium per 100g, you can treat yourself without the guilt.

thin n crispy pre-sauced pizza bases

Make life easier for yourself with delicious pre-sauced bases. Our sauce of Italian tomatoes, parmesan cheese, mixed herbs and seasoning is the perfect starter so you can just finish it off with your favourite toppings.

thin n crispy wholemeal pizza bases

Turkish breads new Thin and Crispy Wholemeal Pizza Bases are the perfect answer to a healthy pizza meal or snack. These health conscious bases are the same as our popular Thin and Crispy Bases but are made with wholemeal flour to pack in extra fibre. This low GI base comes in a handy 2 pack, are preservative free and made with Olive Oil.

deep crust pizza bases

If you like the hearty taste of a thicker pizza base, you'll love our new and improved Deep Crust pizza bases. They're low in fat and sodium, and preservative-free. Load it up with your toppings, heat and enjoy.